Sue Leffler

International Centered Riding® and Balimo™ Seat Clinician


Testimonials from Sue's students

I have been riding and taking lessons for 40+ years and over this time , have pursued the sports of eventing, dressage and combined driving. I started CR lessons with Sue close to 3 years ago and this, without a doubt, has had the most transformative and influential impact on my positioning ability to communicate effectively with my horse. I am still constantly amazed by how a small adjustment in the rider's position makes such a tremendous impact on the horse's way of going or ability to move properly.

Val Everson, owner of Rocking Horse Farm

Rockland, ON Canada

I am always in awe of Sue's energy, passion and absolute commitment to her students. She is extremely skilled in transferring her knowledge in concrete and constructive ways, and her clinics are fun and interesting. I first attended one of her CR Clinics some 20 years ago and to this day incorporate much of that learning in my lessons. The CR approach never gets old, just like Sue!

Tanya Boyd, owner of Kindred Farm 

North Gower, ON   Canada

Both my students and I have benefited greatly from Sue's teaching. Her keen eye, great explanations and enthusiasm for CR help get important messages about body awareness across to the riders, which in turn benefit their horses. Sue provides superb exercises to aid understanding the principals behind Centered Riding both on and off the horse. I highly recommend CR for any rider at any level in any discipline.

Siri Ingebrigsten, FEI rider, owner/trainer Avant-Garde Equestrian Farm

Luskville, QC  Canada

Dear Sue, it was a huge pleasure for me to meet you, learn from you and translate for you at Brigitte Binggeli's farm in Switzerland. I had four great and inspirational days! Thank you so much for everything and wishing you all the best in your traveling and teaching.

Elisabeth Schlaepfer, CR Level I Instructor


I was lucky enough to be able to have a lesson with Sue while she was giving a Blame Clinic to a group of Centered Riding Instructors in the UK. Sue was able to pinpoint exactly the moment I was using my core muscles correctly which allowed my horse to become light and balanced and, for the first time allowed me to ride with neck and shoulders completely relaxed. Sue has a fund of useful exercises on and off the horse which, with her clear explanations and regular checks that the rider understands what is being said, leaves a tremendous feeling of achievement at the end of the lesson. Sue has a warm and encouraging personality, and I not only count her as a first rate instructor but also now as a personal friend.

Debbie R


Thank you Sue for all your help. I really felt the improvement I was hoping for.


Cape Breton, NS  Canada

Hi Sue! Thank you very much for the fantastic Update in Spain and fixing my shoulder problem. Tioday I experimented with the Spanish mare at home and it was fantastic. ;)   

Michi Heilmann (CR Level II Instructor)


Thank you Sue for increasing my body awareness for a second time! I once again found a part I hadn't noticed before.

Jill (instructor, trainer, farm owner/manager)

Cape Breton, NS  Canada

Sue is an amazing, motivated and gifted instructor. She has the perfect blend of knowledge, wisdom, kindness,patience and clarity. It was all about small changes making big differences. Her demonstrations and exercises gave me the "aha" moments that we are all looking for... "Can you feel the difference...?" I thoroughly enjoyed every session I had with Sue and can't wait for her to return.


Winnipeg, Canada

I am not so good in English but I hope you understand this sentence. It was very important for me to see how you teach and I hope I can have the same energie to do it. Also I hope to see us next year. I am not so good in words but THANK YOU!

Katja Konir, CR Level I Instructor 


Thanks for all you help making my "horse and rider" relationship so much better!


Cape Breton, NS  Canada

I want to thank you again for that super clinic in Nöstach.... I could already integrate a lot of new ideas into my teaching and riding. Kind regards, Alena

Alena Obleitner (CR Level I Instructor)


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