Sue Leffler

International Centered Riding® and Balimo™ Seat Clinician

Organize a Clinic

Interested in organizing a clinic with me?

I teach both Centered Riding® Clinics and Balimo™ Seat Clinics to riders of all disciplines and levels throughout Europe and North America. I would love to teach a clinic for you! Click here if you would like more information or if you are interested in booking a clinic with me.

Centered Riding® Clinics

Open Clinics:

These clinics are open to riders of all disciplines and levels or may be discipline oriented and are usually 2-3 days in length. My usual clinic format is a 2 hour lecture the evening before the clinic starts. Clinic day format: three 1-hour semi-private lessons, lunch, 1-hour awareness/exercise session, short break followed by three more semi-private lessons.

Advanced Open Clinics:

This is the same format as a regular Open Clinic but is restricted to riders who have attended several CR clinics and have more depth in Centered Riding. Participants do not necessarily need to be advanced riders. These clinics can be discipline oriented or multi-disciplinary. 

Instructor Courses: 

These are run according to the Policies and Procedures set out by Centered Riding. The maximum number of candidate instructors is 12. The course is taught in two parts. Part 1 is 3-days in length and Part 2 is 4-days in length. There is a 4-8 week break between Parts 1 and 2. Candidate instructors must meet the prerequisites as set out by Centered Riding to be eligible to take the course. Where there are more than 6 candidate instructors I am required to have an assistant. The assistant must be a CR Instructor and potential assistants need to contact me, not the organizer. The organizer is responsible for housing (and meals if possible) for the assistant during the clinic. The assistant is responsible for all other costs she/he incurs and is not paid a fee. Access to a covered arena is desirable for these courses.

Instructor Update Clinics: 

These are 4-days in length and are limited to a maximum of12 updating CR instructors. Like the Instructor Course, they are run according to CR's Policies and Procedures. If there are more than 6 updating instructors I am required to have an assistant. See above information. Access to a covered arena is desirable for these clinics.

Balimo™ Seat Clinics

These clinics are perfect for riders who recognize that they are stuck in one or more areas of their body, have a twist in their body which makes one direction more difficult than the other, want to be able to move and flow better with the horse and have improved harmony with the horse. These clinics are 2 or 3-days long and everyone gets a one-hour private lesson. The clinics can be discipline oriented or not and are for riders of all levels. 

During the clinic I usually have riders do specific exercises, either on or off the horse, in order to unblock their body, increase their flexibility or strength in specific areas, develop improved cross coordination etc. I do an interactive introductory talk the evening before and all riders should attend. Each day of the clinic I teach four 1-hour private lessons in the morning, lunch, 1-hour unmounted theory/exercise session followed by a short break and 4 more private lessons. It is best if the rider and horse have done some warm-up prior to their lesson. Lessons may also include classical riding and training. Access to a covered arena is essential. 

Clinic Fees

Contact me for my daily rate in your country. You are responsible for the clinic's share of my airfare. When I teach in Europe I try to schedule my clinics so that I do 2-4 clinics on the same trip in order to reduce the cost for each clinic. In calculating each clinic's share I take my total airfare (plus train or bus if necessary) divide it by the number of clinic days on the trip and charge each clinic accordingly. You will also need to provide accomodations and meals during the clinic as well as round trip transportation from the airport, train station or hotel before and after the clinic.

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