Sue Leffler

International Centered Riding® and Balimo™ Seat Clinician



  1. Do you give lessons in the Ottawa area?

    I do not have lesson horses but I do teach a few local students on their own horses. Since I'm often away doing clinics I don't keep a regular lesson schedule so their lessons are often a month or more apart.

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  1. How many riders do you typically have in a Centered Riding Clinic?

    In my CR Open clinics I usually have a maximum of 12 riders with everyone riding in semi-private lessons. I will do groups of 3 where the focus is on jumping. As well as the daily mounted lessons during the clinic I also teach an unmounted awareness and discipline specific exerercises each day that all riders should attend.

  2. How many days long are your clinics?

    My CR Open Clinics are usually 2-3 days in length. Three days is ideal. It gives the riders lots of information yet at the same time that third day makes sure they "own" what they learned.

    CR Instructor Updates are 4 days and the Instructor Course is 3-days for Part 1 and 4-days for Part 2 in accordance with Centered Riding Inc Policies.

    My Balimo Seat Clinics are 2-3 days in length and include an unmounted theory/awareness/ exercise session daily.

  3. Are all of your clinics listed on your site?

    Yes. As soon as a clinic is confirmed I post it on this site.

  4. How many riders do you have in your Balimo Seat Clinics

    In my Balimo Seat Clinics everyone rides in a private lesson since I give them specific (often unmounted) exercises to help them have better balance and movment through their bodies. For this reason my maximum number of riders is 8 and the clinics often run from 9 - 7 or 8.

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