Sue Leffler

International Centered Riding® and Balimo? Seat Clinician


Quotes Thank you for all your help. I really felt the improvement I was hoping for! Quotes
Jenna from Cape Breton, NS

Quotes Thank you for increasing my body awareness for a second time. I once again found a part I hadn't noticed before! Quotes
Jill from Cape Breton, NS
Instructor, trainer, farm manager/owner

Quotes Thanks for all your help in making my "horse and rider" relationship so much better! Quotes
from Cape Breton, NS

Quotes I want to thank you again for that super clinic in Nöstach....I could already integrate a lot of the new Ideas I got into my teaching and riding. Kind regards, Alena Quotes
Alena Obleitner
CR Level I Instructor, Austria

Quotes I am not so good at english but i hope you will understand this sentences. In my words i thank you so much for this 4 days. It was very important for me to see how you teach and i hope i can have the same energie to do it. Also i hope we see us next year . I am not so good in words but THANK YOU. Nice wishes KATJA Quotes
Katja Konir
CR Level I Instructor, Austria

Quotes Hi Sue, I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful experience this past weekend at the clinic at Capital Warmbloods. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much as an auditor. I know my sister Jen and her horse Luc also enjoyed working with you. I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks, Lex Quotes
Alexa Cheater (Ottawa area)

Quotes Thank you for coming here today and spending time with me and Morisco, it was a great lesson for us both, much appreciated. I wish we'd had more time, I did make it to the airport on time, just. I look forward to future communications love Susan Quotes
Susan Harden (Spain)

Quotes Hi Sue! Thank you very mucht for the fantastic update in spain and fixing my shoulder problem. Today i experiment with the spanish mare at home and it was fantastic. ;) I hope your voice has come back! Grettings Michi Quotes
Michi Heilmann (Austria)

Quotes Dear Sue It was a huge pleasure for me to meet you, learn from you and translate for you at Brigitte Binggeli's farm in Switzerland. I had 4 great and inspirational days. Thank you so much for everything and wishing you all the best in your travelling, teaching and where ever you need it. Lots of love Elisabeth Schlaepfer - Switzerland Quotes
Elisabeth Schlaepfer

Quotes Hello Sue, I have been meaning to contact you to say how much I enjoyed your clinic at the IEC and congratulations for all your accomplishments with the Balimo "stuff". It really was nifty to watch you at work, and to see all the subtle and effective changes with your students in such a short time. Quotes
Pauline Gee